16 Jan

by D.R.A.M.A. (Devine Righteousness and Mind Ascension)

Love is a mind trip, always on the edge, asking will I slip
Into maniacal manifestation, is this a revelation?
I hold still the pose with somber hesitation
Emotional contention, tears stroll, loves taken hold
Alive, melodic, never no control
Lips locked, boldly shakes the rock, thirst quenched after shock
Passions overload, God breaks the mold
Methodical parameters, they hold me in a trance
My stance is solid yet I’m able still to cheat a splendid glance
I view perfection; my Love is strong but needs protection
Love is a mind trip, I’m contemplating, estimating
Will I softly slip into a soulful trance?
Full bloom says the bud of our romance
The Love dance shatters diabolical dimensions
Although fear is standing near

My key turns the lock to unblock apprehension
I ask the quest, can I maintain his attention?
Skin sweet sable, lashes long and thick, am I able, unstable
Passionate rhythms explode the grand load,
Souls blossom in full, the Love’s in control
Fingernails gold, taking hold of the bold
Not to mold but caress, we are blessed
I hit pause for speculation, increasing heart beats my erotic stimulation
Quixotic adoration, fingers walk, lips talk, I drink him up, intoxication
Driven mad with desire, we retire with a smile
Sweet thoughts of splendor, vision now clear
I cry out to my love, I surrender!

COPYRIGHT 2012, Sylvia M. Jackson


2 Responses to “Poetry: “SURRENDER””

  1. Deelyce Calhoun January 17, 2012 at 2:36 pm #

    Fresh….soft edge on the varying emotions within a new relationship….thought-provoking…

  2. sassafr8s January 17, 2012 at 4:26 pm #

    love your staccato rhythm and wordsmithy.
    a whole lotta thinkin’ goin’ on sweetness.

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