16 Jan

by D.R.A.M.A. (Devine Righteousness and Mind Ascension)


I wear my heart on my sleeve as I grieve
Can I retrieve my Love, Divine Above?
Reflecting, dissecting the pain that Ive gained
I sigh and refrain from the plain
My eyes ain’t blue and my name, it isn’t Jane
Yet still I rise to avoid heart stain
Pure, as ever – clear
Although hate and fear knock by at my door near
I remain grand, standing tall like the Cherokee Chief or Malcolm X with his beliefs

Brutally simplistic and opportunistic with their ways
Testing and pressing without calling names
Distort the blame for fame without shame
Confuse the learn to tame
Attempted mind blow, although and even so
I vent Heaven sent and continue on to flow
Illuminati no, let my people go so we can grow
I crave the Brave, if cannot find
I’m inclined to request
Divine Buddha Bless slows the enter of the stress
I ask the triple k to confess
Reveal faces red once concealed
Once before, you had us on all fours
But never no more
We rise above for sure to endure

Brother man, I say look
Says my hand shook
Problem not to guess so don’t stress
You go on like the flow of the brook
No matter what they took, I’m here for you so take a look
I am caress for your thoughts, strong, without lack
Even after attack , we still rise above the crack, high
Pushing along the track, built up off our back
Choo, choo, blows the whistle like that
The Brother strong wants to bust
Wound up like fists or not to trust
Can I unwind? Release the taught?
Free the mind of our kind, like web, up caught?
Says she: “Killing cried”
Says he: “Survival died”
Store bought thought, not
Swinging hits from fits, soon to explode
Look at what you’ve wrought and drop your load
Hostile overtures from those once pure
Anger carries danger, homicide assured to blur
Our youth clever, will they forever endure?
I am sure
For even as we ride oppressive tides
The beautiful ones
They cannot hide

COPYRIGHT 2012, Sylvia M Jackson


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